Rolls Royce Wraith 2018

Rolls Royce Wraith 2018

black badge 2018

Black Badge emerges from the shadows. Rolls-most Royce’s exciting incarnation offers a driving experience that is brimming with promise. Expression has been improved. There is a world beyond this one. The Black Badge Wraith is a seductive rendition of the world’s most strong Rolls Royce. The luxurious Grand Tourer’s physical prowess collides with an enticing dynamism, sculpted for those who dare to defy tradition. Take control of the highway. Anything is conceivable behind the wheel of the Black Badge Wraith, and everything helps to heighten the senses. The increased torque, enlivened steering, and polished suspension of the Black Badge Wraith provide raw power and blistering speed to this pinnacle GT driving experience. Wraith’s fastback lines are emphasised by Black Badge. The Spirit of Ecstasy marches on, now as dark as nightfall. Carbon fibre composite wheels are eye-catching. In your choice of colour, darkened chrome emphasises a magnetic presence.

  • Comfort Entry System
  • Rotary Controller
  • Touchpad Surface
  • Rear-hinged coach doors

Refinement is uncompromising for Black Badge. When you’re behind the wheel, something seems probable. A darker understanding of luxury transforms the cabin. The cabin, which has a horseshoe sweep pattern, cocoons all passengers in sumptuous leather. Enjoy massage options in the front seats for a relaxing, invigorating atmosphere, or relax in the back with plenty of room and privacy. The Black Badge clock is mounted on the dashboard, its hands tipped in orange to provide a slight but effective contrast to the rest of the interior. With a Starlight Headlining consisting of 1,340 fibre optic lights, add to the ambiance of Wraith and be immersed in your own star-filled night sky. In Black Badge, you monitor the night by adjusting the brightness of each star to fit your mood. This is a vehicle created for those who enjoy exploring the limits of what is possible. Those with a sense of adventure. The people who want to be free.


  • Xirallic® Paint
  • High Gloss Dark Chrome Grill
  • Black and Seashell leather interior with Piano black lacquer
  • Optional Starlight Headliner
  • Satellite Aided Transmission
  • Active Cruise Control
  • Head Up Display
  • 360-degree Cameras
  • Bespoke Audio System
  • External Microphones
  • Dirac® Technology
  • Tailored Indoor Car Covers
  • Outdoor Car Cover
  • Car Cover, Air Flow Storage System
  • Personalised Engraved Treadplates
  • Personalised Text Headrests
  • RR Monogram to all Headrests
  • Wireless Car Hotspot
  • Snap-in Adapter
  • Media Adapter Cable
  • Signature Black Badge Clock


Age: 20+
Driving Licence
Utility Bill
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Debit or Credit Card


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